Sell My House Fast Charlotte NC | We Buy Houses

Sell My House Fast Charlotte NC | We Buy Houses

We buy houses Charlotte for cash

Endeavor Capital is a locally owned and operated real estate investment company located in Charlotte, NC helps heirs of estates and families that need to liquidate real property for whatever reason in a timely manner without all the hassle and uncertainty of a traditional real estate listing.
We understand that the home involved in the estate is more than just a house. It contains cherished memories, often a lifetime of them, and it is understandably difficult to part with the physical representation of these memories even though that is what is necessary to move forward. We go to great lengths to utilize our unique experience and understanding of the estate liquidation process to ensure that the transaction is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity to this often emotional transfer of property.
It is often overwhelming when you start the process of going through the entire estate. There are so many issues, both big and small, but the real estate is typically the single most difficult item to liquidate. We often hear heirs and estate representatives describe the long evenings trying to determine how to even start the process: “How to I get the home ready to sell”; “Will I be expected to make all of the repairs that need to be done”; “Do I hire an agent”; “How will I have the time to deal with this for the several months of preparation and maintenance while waiting to sell”; “What if it doesn’t sell”… The list goes on…
At Endeavor Capital, we can help you liquidate the house in a timely manner and free of uncertainty so that you can move on with your own life.
Families that are dealing with tax delinquencies and other reasons that may cause the need to sell real property can avoid the emotion and stress associated with the traditional real estate sales process as well,
We buy the property in as-is condition, so you don’t have to worry about any repairs or problems that you are not aware of since you have not or did not live in the property.
We pay a fair market value for the property in its current as-is condition and we pay cash, which means:
We can close quickly, in as little as 2 weeks.
We do not have to wait on a mortgage company or a bank to give us approval and we will not ask you to seller finance the property to us or be a partner, which most companies will ask you to do.
If closing quickly is not a priority for you we can close on your timeframe; we are very flexible and understanding of the situation.
We can assist with the removal of unwanted personal property and debris by providing dumpsters and clean out crews prior to closing.

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