How To Sell Your Home Fast Charlotte NC | We Buy Houses

How To Sell Your Home Fast Charlotte NC | We Buy Houses

Sell My Home Fast Charlotte NC Area

When most people think about selling their home or a property they have inherited, the first items on the checklist are:

• We need to get everything cleaned out
• Are there any major repairs that need to be taken care of
• Do we need to hire a Realtor
• Who do we hire to fix any problems that might come up
• Will we have enough money or do we want to put our own money into fixing this property up and if we do, will we get that money back out
These are just some of the questions that go through everyone’s mind when thinking about selling a property.
Once they really start thinking about the process that list just keeps growing and growing.
At Endeavor Capital, we are here to help you make the list as short as possible and almost nonexistence.
We are a real estate investing company with 20 years of combined experience in dealing with the real estate market.
We are a fully funded company that pays cash for your property, we don’t have to rely on mortgage companies or banks for our financing and we will never ask you to take back a 2nd mortgage or partner or joint venture with us in the deal.
We are here to help you move as fast or slow through the process of getting rid of your house.
We can close in as little as 2 weeks or we can work with you on your timeframe if you need longer.
Once you have gotten all your valuables out of the property and there is still just a bunch of stuff left we will work with you on helping you getting it removed, or possibly just leaving it and we will take care of it.
We buy the property in its current as-is condition and will off you a fair market value for your property in its current condition.
We are not here to steal your property and we don’t expect you to just give it away either.
We like to come out and take a look at the property and can usually have an offer put together within a few days.

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