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Delinquent Property Taxes Charlotte NC | Sell House Fast

Delinquent Property Taxes Charlotte NC | Sell House Fast

Delinquent Property Taxes Charlotte NC | We Buy Houses Charlotte For Cash

Two things are certain in life — death and taxes. While modern medicine and healthier lifestyles have go a long way to staving off the former, the latter just keeps getting worse. As most property owners are painfully aware, property tax values and the corresponding tax assessments have gone through the roof throughout Mecklenburg County and, as a result, many property owners can no longer pay the annual king’s ransom demanded by the local government.
To make matters worse, delinquent taxes are granted “super-priority” status for purposes of collection. This means that the government can foreclose on a tax delinquent property AHEAD of any other mortgage or lien. Translation: the government can force a sale of the property for the amount of past due taxes without paying off the mortgage, leaving the property owner with no asset and a mountain of unpaid mortgage debt. And just to add fuel to the fire, now that the bank foreclosure crisis has largely run its course, the government has been stepping up its collection efforts on delinquent tax payers and now has a larger percentage of the foreclosure filings than it once did.


If you are delinquent on property taxes you have probably already started to receive letters from the county attorneys or you will likely be receiving them in the near future. In the meantime, interest on the unpaid tax debt continues to build up at well over market interest rates. The time to act is now.
Fortunately, there is a solution. Endeavor Capital has experience purchasing property in all stages of tax delinquency, from minor delinquencies to properties on the brink of full on tax foreclosure auctions. We have the knowledge and ability to stop the process in its tracks, and fast. Furthermore, we purchase properties in “as is” condition so the seller who is already under the lash of government taxation is not burdened again by having to make costly out of pocket repairs just to complete the sale.
Because we pay cash and don’t need to get a mortgage we can close quickly; in as little as two weeks after we agree on a price and have an executed contract. Speaking of price we aren’t trying to steal your home and will never ask you to seller finance the property to us like some companies do. We promise to treat you honestly and fairly. We will even help you get rid of unwanted items and debris if required. So if knowing exactly when your home will sell and for how much with much less stress sounds appealing to you, we hope you’ll consider the Endeavor Capital way when selling your home.

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