Endeavor Capital


Endeavor Capital, LLC is a Charlotte, NC real estate investment company that works with homeowners that are looking to sell their home in the quickest and easiest way with little hassle and who want to receive a fair market price for the property. We do not have to apply for a loan or wait on bank approval to buy your property. Once we have agreed on a purchase price and terms, we can close on your property in as little as 2 weeks quickly providing the cash you need.  

We buy properties in as-is condition, which means you do not need to worry about any repairs or the process of hiring contractors and receiving several estimates for the work that needs to be completed in order to put the property on the market.

You will not have to worry with interviewing Real Estate Agents, setting up showing appointments and having to leave your home, sometimes for hours. You also won’t have to worry about the length of time that the property may be on the market, negotiating inspection repairs and paying extra fees.

Our clients are excited that we can act quickly and finalize a deal very little time. 

DanTedDan Tedrickrick is the owner and founder of Endeavor Capital, LLC. He is a lawyer by trade, having graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2000, and has focused both his business pursuits and law practice on Charlotte area real estate since 2006. Prior to that, Mr. Tedrick practiced commercial litigation for two of the largest law firms in the world, with an emphasis on complex litigation involving financial institutions. In addition to his law license, Mr. Tedrick is also Certified as a Mediator for North Carolina Superior Court cases and as an Arbitrator for FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Having lived in and around Charlotte for over 20 years, the first 4 of which were spent obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, Mr. Tedrick has been witness to the amazing growth and maturation of Charlotte as one of the country’s premier cities and financial centers. Having been involved in approximately $100,000,000 in real estate transactions, Mr. Tedrick has gained an intimate knowledge of the area market and has cultivated an admirable reputation in the local real estate community.

Mr. Tedrick formed Endeavor Capital, LLC in 2010 with the goal of expanding on experience gained in prior years in operating its sister company Urban Endeavors, LLC and related enterprises. Endeavor Capital, LLC encompasses all of the core values of Mr. Tedrick’s other business ventures and his law practice: honesty, integrity, personal service, and the overall priority of operating an ethical business that will stand the test of time rather than simply chasing a quick buck.

Mr. Tedrick lives in Charlotte with his wife and two sons and maintains offices in the Dilworth neighborhood at 409 East Blvd.

Jon GillJon Gillmanman is the VP of Aquistions at Endeavor Capital, LLC.  He has been involved in the real estate market in Charlotte since 1997.  Mr. Gillman was an annual multi-million dollar producer as a real estate agent with several of the top real estate firms in Charlotte from 1997 to 2009. He worked in many different types of real estate transactions throughout his career including first time home buyers, working for developers in the downtown condo market in the early 2000s and later helping both sellers and buyers with their real estate needs.   After ’09 he left the general brokerage side of real estate and began his career as a real estate investor.

Mr. Gillman has lived in Charlotte since 1989 and having been in the real estate industry for over 17 years is very familiar with the Charlotte markets growth and all areas of the city.  Mr. Gillman joined Endeavor Capital, LLC in January of 2013 and since then has helped the company become a top real estate investing company in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.